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Moments from our 2nd Term

Above is a slideshow of photos from this term. If you click on it it will enlarge and you can click through the photos and read the short captions. This catches the teaching, home groups, ladies group, shopping, and parties of daily life and community here. There are village visits and graduating, commissioning, and sending out students. It also shows some of the events that happened like floods, the deaths of multiple friends, riots that shut our city down, and coronavirus lockdowns.

We wish we could give you an tangible picture of this world, our community, and our students. The video below is a from a spiritual formation week of events, chapels, service, and a fun beach trip. The students were gathered in groups singing impromptu worship sessions, participating in sack races, and holding krupuk eating competitions. Arent's they just so great?

And this is the students doing the traditional chant song and dance of the Arfak mountain tribes. The chant is about Jesus, and even the non-Papuan students joined in, with all showing value and joy in the the traditions of the Papuan students.

Plus, there's the fun we've had as a family. Floods have caused great damage in Papua over the past years, but our kids have had such fun playing in them. We regularly have to clean a layer of mud off of our walkways and storage room, but the water has not yet entered our home.

It's been such a gift for our active Judah to grow up in a wild & free atmosphere like this, with great friends right nearbye. Mom and Dad will be so thankful for the academic support we'll find in the USA over home assignment in the USA, and the kids are really excited to be in the USA. However, our kids have such awesome experiences at their fingertips. This is our kids playing with campus friends at the mouth of the river that runs by our campus and into the ocean. Some of the campus boys take that canoe out fishing in the ocean for hours.

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