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Who We Are



Isaac grew up in England. He loves all things history and theology, so he loves teaching at Erikson-Tritt Theological College. He works to disciple church leaders to make a healthy, vibrant, reproducing church. 

Isaac's interests include history, theology, philosophy, hermeneutics, and picking interests that make him sound intellectual. 


Kacie grew up in Papua, Indonesia (same island, different city). She is homeschooling our kids, processing visas for our team, and building relationships in the community.

Her interests include counseling, spiritual formation, literature, foreign affairs, good books, coffee, and travel.


Hope is four and has been in Indonesia most of her life. She is cheerful, snuggly, and holds her own as the youngest.  

Hope loves people, having books read to her, and trying to tell jokes like Daddy. 


Judah is ten. He loves is very active and has become decently proficient at Papuan-style Indonesian as he adventures with his buddies. 

His interests include legos, swimming, running really fast, ancient Romans, and building forts. 


Elly is seven. She is creative, thoughtful, and loves to help around the house. 

Her interests include art, reading books, getting dressed up, organizing things, and alternately tagging along with Judah or bossing around Hope. 

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