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Location: McKinney, TX

Temperature: 66 degrees and rainy (unusually cold for Texas this time of year!)

In the last weeks before a baby is born, there is a sense of a huge impending life change that could come at any time but could also not come for another month. The wait is agonizing.

We feel overdue. We are waiting in Dallas for our visas to be granted and nothing but those visas is standing between us and our move overseas. The wait for visas is notoriously inconsistent and unpredictable, but at three and a half months, we are getting antsy. We check our email multiple times a day, have half of our suitcases packed, and have gotten rid of enough furniture that Judah is sleeping on the couch.

We also know, though, that God's timing is perfect, and that if we are still here, we are supposed to still be here. As we pondered this season of waiting, we realized we have been forced into a rest. I (Kacie), am not very good at resting and am always driven to do the next thing and accomplish more! Perhaps part of the lesson of this season is to rest quietly, to take advantage of down time as a family, and to treasure the last moments of our life in Dallas.

In the meantime, Elly has learned to sit up and is becoming delightfully interactive. She does still wake up at night and is not the best napper, but that is not too overwhelming because we have a flexible schedule right now. Judah's speech develops more each week, and there are regular moments of giggling behind our hands at his latest antics and one-liners. On the other hand, this stage of three years old requires constant guidance and discipline for our very active toddler.


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