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A Nurse and Professor

Friends, we are looking for a nurse and a professor to come and minister here in our community. In our last post we mentioned giving to help people pay for medical treatment, and how many in our community have to fly across the country for medical issues. In truth, medical needs are huge here, and some of the poorest receive limited care. Once we found a boy that had been pulled out of the water at a local pool and he was moving in and out of consciousness and throwing up. Isaac and a co-worker of ours rushed him to the closest local hospital, and they were met with the question, "Who will pay for this boy's bills?" In frustration we realized that if we had not been there, offering to pay, he would not have been treated. In fact, when the boy's father arrived he said that we should not have taken the boy to the hospital because he could not pay for any bills.

Because our students come from remote areas that receive little medical assistance and because they represent the underserved and under-resourced that frequently would not even try to get medical care, we are looking for a nurse to come and serve at our school. We are hoping to help care for students and also to help equip them with basic medical knowledge to take back into their communities when they return.

We are also looking for another professor to teach, like Isaac does. This would require a minimum of an MA in theology or a related field.

If you are a nurse or a professor/teacher, or you know someone who might be interested, please pass them on to us! Feel free to email or begin by contacting TEAM:

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