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Special Message to Watermark Friends

Dear Watermark Friends,

We wanted to communicate particularly to you all about how we fit in to Watermark. We are Watermark members and part of a community group. One of the things we love about Watermark is the way Watermark expects their members to be living lives of service in the church and in the community. What we are doing overseas is an extension of those values.

You can see on the international external focus page that Watermark is deeply invested in a few regions through three partner ministries, but encourages members to “discover, research, and build relationships with international ministries… By investing their time, talents, and treasures in ministries as God leads, our people are meeting spiritual and material needs worldwide.”

That’s what we do. One of the things we’ve been blessed with here in America is education and training to a scale that is unimaginable in much of the rest of the world. Isaac’s passion is teaching, particularly teaching the Word and training leaders in the church. When we were living in Dallas and attending Watermark Isaac looked around the world for places where the church had grown rapidly and was really in need of training for leaders in the church. Church leaders at a Bible college in Papua, Indonesia asked us to come and help them train, and so we have gone to serve and grow and equip the church in Papua, Indonesia.

We do this work and ministry mostly through the support of individuals who are partnering with us. Watermark leadership asked our community group to send us, and for us to raise support from among the body at Watermark. Watermark as a whole does not support or send missionaries from the broader church budget but encourages members to give individually. We have completed a full term overseas and one of our primary tasks in our time in the USA is to raise our support back up so that we are fully funded and ready to return overseas. Because of the way Watermark works, we don’t come back and just meet with the external focus department and report on what we’ve been doing. We report to YOU that are sending us and we reach out to other people in the body that are called to support God’s work around the world and ask them to join us in what we are doing overseas.

While we're here we're trying to meet and tell the story of what God is doing in Papua that many of you are supporting. Since most of the time we’re not here to see and meet people that are passionate about the things we are passionate about, we are asking you, Watermark friends, to help connect us with people during the next two months who might want to be involved in international work through prayer, financial partnership, or just hearing and learning through our stories.

Financially, we are looking to raise $425 more in monthly gifts, which a friend of ours is committing to match (a great blessing!), at which point we would be fully funded. Because Watermark is our sending community, we’d like to find partners in this community. Please send this link on to friends that care about international ministry. Please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email to join our newsletter list, talk to us face to face, or join our support team. Isaac's cell phone is 740-250-1181.

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