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Canteens, Grass Mowing, and Finances

The video above is from the recent celebrations for the anniversary of the college where we work. There's been some changes in our neck of the woods, some big and some small. Some things, like this simple canteen for students, can make a big difference. Previously many of our students would eat in the morning or not at all and so would be listless in afternoon classes. TEAM built a little courtyard, and assigned a few students and their spouses to cook for the group. Cooking in bulk saves money and time, and now although this little gathering of tables and plastic chairs is simple, it means that students have a place to come and get food each day for lunch and dinner.

Similarly, the grounds maintenance has been whipped into shape, divided between some students and worked into a schedule. In the tropical weather it takes just a month or so for the flora and fauna to take over if the grounds are not maintained, and it’s obvious all over town that regular yard work is not normal. Culturally things tend to get done when everyone gets together and completes a task communally. That means it’s sort of all or nothing. Previously everything on campus would get cleaned up by all the staff and students in a matter of a couple of days, and then things would go wild for about six months. Now there's a regular maintenance schedule.

The man who has implemented these programs is our friend, a local pastor, one of the professors, and the head of one of our dorms. Mr. Cros is a great guy, and he was just appointed as head of finance when the Board of Directors of the school (which Isaac is a part of) appointed new department leaders. Pictured here are the new heads of each department with the head of the school and the head of the denomination.

Each of the new appointments are people that we love and respect and are glad to have in place. Some of them are big answers to prayer, Mr. Cros included. He has impressed us with his firm faith, his attention to detail, his intelligence, and his organization. He has managed a few projects for us at TEAM since we arrived, including stocking books for the school library and repairing some campus buildings that were falling apart. The school has had some tough times financially (including financial mismanagement), and at times professors have not been paid for months at a time. Please pray for Pak Cros, as this is a huge responsibility and he feels the weight of it. Pray for integrity, for wisdom, for God to be honored in the use of money at the school, and for Cros and his family to experience joy and a vibrant spiritual walk in the midst of their responsibilities. The same goes for the other leaders.

This school equips hundreds of students for work and ministry and leadership across this island. Is is our burden that this be done with integrity, joy, excellence, and intimacy with the Father.

Below: students enjoying spirit week games

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