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Selfies at the Hospital

One of my biggest fears about life here was grappling with major illness with limited medical facilities. Now, though, we have a private Muslim hospital on our side of town that is clean and we have now been to maybe six times for malaria tests, urinalysis, and nebulizer treatments. What a huge relief and blessing it has been to know where to go when Judah struggles to breathe and his inhaler isn't helping!

We recently were referred to the main public hospital in town when we were trying to get a stool test for amoeba for Hope. The main public hospital is a very different experience and much less comfortable, and as it turns out they were not able to do a stool test (nowhere in town can). There are other limitations too, like there not being an ENT here, so we have to get on an airplane to see someone that can use an odoscope. For most thing the main hospital, despite being less comfortable, is staffed with people with expertise who really strive to do their jobs well.

(above and below: malaria slide time at the public hospital lab)

No matter which hospital we go to, we usually end of taking pictures with the staff (the pharmacist is holding Hope below), or other patients (the Grandma in the bottom photo helped Hope and I navigate the public hospital).

When we get back to America we will jump into medical appointments quickly. Judah needs checks for his allergies and asthma, Elly has had chronic stomach pain that we need to get figured out, and it's possible that both of them need ear tubes.

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