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We have had a lot of sickness the past six months, and really the whole year.

We have had:



Skin infections


Upper respiratory infections


Stomach bugs

Strep throat



Most of those things are not unusual, especially for a family with young kids. So it's hard for us to know if this is just the stage of life, or if something else is going on. The problem is that the sickness has been constant. We get rid of one thing and then come down with the next one. Maybe it's just the stage of life combined with the stress of all of the adjustments of a first term that leave us extra physically vulnerable?

We have been looking at a couple of problems, including our water. We filter our own water, which we pump from our well. We have wondered if there are problems with the water and so we've done a lot of extra and careful cleaning of our filter. Even the filtered water seems to be growing mold. That leads us to wonder if we have unusual mold problems. We say "unusual" because unlike America, the answer to, "Do you have mold in your house?" is always going to be, "Yes." Mold is everywhere here, that's just what comes with living in the tropics. However we do have a very old kitchen with old cabinets that have water damage and a perfect haven for mold and critters. We really want to replace them but we also don't want to yet because we don't know anyone that can redo a kitchen here a do decent reliable work. Now we wonder if we have a major mold issue that is affecting our health, or if we're crazy?

In any case, will you pray for our health? And pray that if we do have an issue with our water or with mold, that we would be able to take care of it.

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