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One of the challenges of life for us is the education of our children. We have two options. We can homeschool our kids or send them to local schools, none of which are in English. Judah and now Elly have both attended local schools for preschool to help them learn the local language and build friendships. Once they get to first grade with the need to read and write, there aren’t really any quality schools here (and no options that are in English), and so we homeschool.

For Kacie, homeschooling is something that in these younger years I feel I absolutely am capable of doing, and I do it because it’s needed, but not because I love homeschooling or have a personal vision for it. The challenge for me is not so much homeschool right now as much looking forward and realizing that we don’t have any other real option. So does this mean that as we continue to work here, my primary role will be that of a homeschooling mother for the next 15 years? At this moment that is pretty discouraging to me and so I am grappling with these questions.

One blessing is that there are three other American homeschooling moms based in town (usually one is on furlough at any given time), and so we understand each others’ lives and unique challenges and blessings. That is a huge gift. The kids get together for an activity in English every other week, and Kacie continues to look into what kind of co-op ideas might work with our group. Admittedly, I am the only mom around here who really is wrestling with the plans for perpetual homeschooling!

This is a very community based and community-parenting society. When our kids initially arrive as foreigners they can't take immediate advantage of the blessing of the community around them. However as our kids grow older and more fluent with the language and culture, they increase in their ability to be independent and take advantage of the beautiful community that is so present around them. That will be a gift too.

Would you pray with us about our options for schooling, for Kacie as she homeschools the kids, and for safety for our kids when they enter this culture without parental supervision?

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