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A Day in Our Life

A few weeks ago I joined up with an instagram thing detailing a day in our life with photos. It was a random day, just whatever day the instagram-instigator had picked. I thought you non-instagramers might appreciate getting a sense of what life is like here. This is my perspective (Kacie) from the home, with Isaac being gone teaching and working for much of the day.

If you click on the first picture it will zoom in and you'll be able to click forward from photo to photo.

Side note here. My helper, mentioned here, just told me yesterday that she's moving on. She was such a godsend that I really loved. I'm thankful she was here through some of Hope's colicky time and the beginning of homeschooling. We will manage for a while as we look for someone else but it's pretty tough to manage a house and school and document work without having extra help. I'm certainly not as patient and energized mommy and wife! So please, I would so appreciate your prayers that we would find someone else to come help with cleaning and washing a few times a week.

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