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Highlights from back in the USA

We have been in the US for several weeks now and have made our way from Kacie's family to Isaac's family across the country, stopping to see a few people and churches along the way. A few highlights:

  • It snowed twice while we were in Colorado, the second time nearly snowing for three days straight! Isaac was dismayed but it was a pretty fun change from tropical weather for the rest of us. We were, however, woefully unprepared in the way of cold-weather clothes. We arrived with no long pants for Judah and no closed toed shoes for Elly! We borrowed and stopped at thrift stores and sent our kids out in the snow in double layered leggings, canvas shoes, and (funniest of all) Judah suited up in his cousin's pink snow suit.

  • After two years without seeing our families, we soak up time together and watching our kids get to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We thought it might take them a while to open up, but they have been delighted to find so many fun family members willing to play with them! Every moment is a gift.

  • Kacie's sister is getting married in July, and while we were in the area Kacie got to go to her bridal shower and a mehndi ceremony. It's a gift to be around for special family events.

  • We got to stop and see our sending community group and point people/dear friends Joey and Christian. Since the support and accountability this group provides is so important to us, it was so good to be together in person, even if just briefly! It definitely helps us stay connected as time goes on and we live so far away.

  • Food and shopping! Lets be honest. While it can also be the weakness of our indulgent culture, it is a delight to walk into a grocery store and find so.much.available. We delight in ordering pizza, in the variety of produce, and in food from around the world, and in the comforts of America. For instance, the power and water haven't gone off even once in the last month that we've been here. Incredible.

  • Stability. After a month of travel it's been really nice to have just settled with Isaac's family in Kentucky to await the arrival of this little one knowing we'll be in the same place for a while. We have all sorts of medical appointments happening that are currently keeping our schedule pretty full, and Isaac is able to work on his grading from last semester and class prep for next semester.

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